About Karie Elizebeth!


My love of photography started at a young age but never really explored my passion until I was older. Being able to show  my diversity with my equine, canine, family, children, and those special moment photos has been a goal of mine and always exploring with new ideas. Bringing a different artistic eye to photo's is something I love to do and love to experiment with new perspectives!  

Growing up I struggled with getting how I see the world across to other people. Which caused a lot of stress in my life, as the most important people in my life did not understand.

When I was younger I was diagnosed with Autism which affected how I see and perceive the world. In 2012 my life changed when I adopted my darling dog Willy Roy. He let me gain the confidence, he showed me that there was a way to get people to understand my world.  He lead me to explore my real passion in life which was photography. When I finally started experimenting and figuring out my true talent everything just went into place. Photography has given me a way for people to understand how I see the world through my different artistic eye. The picture that really started my venturing into taking pictures for other people is Westie Wolf. People finally saw what I saw and what I’ve been trying to show everyone during my life.

 Following my passion has lead me to expand into many different avenues of photography from horse shows, dog sport events, weddings, engagement sessions, new born, family, paintball and even more different aspects of photography.   

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