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Karie Elizebeth Rice

Karie grew up in the horse industry with her grandfather! Always having a passion for animals, she grew up loving all animals. While growing up most people didn't understand Karie which included most of her family! Growing up Karie saw to world differently then most, bright lights were hard for her, she herd every little noise in a room, notice every single movement, being thought she was over reacting or being plan weird. Karie never understood why people thought that because to her it was normal!  Growing up and not understanding why people thought you were crazy or why you did things you did were very challenging growing up! In collage Karie was finally tested to see what was going on, she found out that she has Autism, OCD, ADHD, along with some other things that developed over the years! Everything started to make sense to her why she was the way she was and how she saw the world! Most of her family didn't understand her and still have a hard time understanding how she see's the world! Her grandparents Art and Brenda were the two people she could go to growing up to talk and ask why she was like she was, even though they didn't fully understand they worked with her and always understood her! They always told her she was different, but it wasn't a bad different it was a special kind of different! In her family besides her mom they were the only people who let her be herself and didn't want her to change! Her grandfather Arthur gave her a very special project a wonderful pony that Karie loved and showed over the years! There bond grew and he was the one she could talk to even though some think animals don't understand they always had a special bond where to her he did! he was a pony that was misunderstood they went threw there years together and had many successes! They always let her be her and let her see the world her way! Later on in Karie's life lot's started to make sense it was made known to her that her mother has Autism and why growing up was very different! Karie's mom may always tried to help and make sense of everything but she was facing her own battles and being her daughter is a blessing to Karie. Being able to see how her mom navigates the world and always puts her best foot forward really is an inspiration to her! Karie never let it stop her through life even though she kept her dreams private only her grandfather new of her dream to take photos one day, he always said one day I'll have the courage to take on that dream! 

In 2012 Karie had a new journey that she was going on her grandfather was steeping out of the horse industry this was very hard for her as change was a huge transition for her! She moved to start a job as an EA! On July 31st of that year is when her true journey started. Karie found her love and her dream of photography through a little ball of white fluff. Willy Roy a rescue West Highland White Terrier came into her life at day! Karie and Willy Roy had a very strong bond from the beginning he was a little dog with lots of heart and was Mr. Attitude! Trying to get professional photo's of Willy Roy was very hard as Karie was never happy how they turned out she wanted something that captures his character! She went out and bought her camera and then it all started to come together her love for the taking photo's! When posting online everyone were loving her different eye and what she was bringing to her photography, to Karie that was just how she saw the world. Finally being able to capture how she saw the world really started for being to help understand how she saw the world! Karie then started to grow with confidence when other's started to ask her to take their photos! The journey just started to come together! 

In 2016 Karie was asked to shoot a horse show out in Ottawa just for fun, it was the Tulip Show for Morgan's and Arabs. She was living out something on her bucket list not realizing what was about to happen. After that shows huge success she was asked to start to shoot more horse show's! After that Karie Elizebeth Photography started she started to branch out take photo's in agility as well when she had her little westie out trying it she was asked to take photo's and it just went on from there! She started at the Red Barn Event Centre taking there photo's at the events and so thankful for their support of her journey in dog photography. Since then she has developed her skills, and shooting many different events from horses, dogs, weddings etc. Karie has shot at huge events over the years the UKI Canada Open, AAC Nationals, Trillium Championships, Ontario Show Horse Classic and the Royal Winter Fair. Karie loves to shoot all events or even small private sessions, always trying to improve her skills and shooting for other's is always a highlight of Karie's to learn new things! Always bringing a different eye to her photos and always trying new fun ideas is one thing Karie loves most! Being able to show that world what she sees threw her eyes is something that is near and dear to Karie's heart she always loves to see the reaction of people to her ideas and how much they love her photo's.

Through her journey of Photography she found a new passion and through her Westie Willy trying it she found Agility. In 2018 her wonderful dog Dratini came into her life and they have grown together as a team, they always love playing the game. Karie trains with a wonderful group of people , a fantastic coach at Agile Canines. This group has accepted Karie and understands her and she is really blessed to have such an amazing team supporting her! 
 In 2019 Karie Married her wonderful husband Jeffrey and him and his dog Winkle became part of their family! Jeff really lets Karie shine and go for her dreams! Jeffrey has really brought Karie out of her shell she is not scared of being accepted anymore because he accepts everything about her! In January 2020 Karie and Jeff hope to welcome a new agility puppy a half sibling to their princess Dratini!

Karie always looks forward to taking photo's it is a passion that she hid from the world for a long time now that it is out she hopes to improve her skills and her love for photography over the years and looking forward to the journey!

Karie and Jeff's Dogs 



Willy Roy 


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