Can I save and post proofs without purchase?

No screen shots are stealing, even if they are photos of you! This is our work and we try our best to get amazing photos and capture memories! We have right click disabled on the website to avoid this! Please do not take photo's off the website without purchasing! We will be charging $50 per stolen photo and invoicing you for that photo! There will be no more warnings on this issue! This is how we make a living thank you for you understanding! 

Why does my order say pending?

Your order say's pending if you send a e-transfer it does not automatically say completed. If you have instant downloads until your transfer is deposited you'll not be able to access your images, sometimes if at an event this can take a couple of days. For instant we recommend Pay-Pal so you get them right away! 

Why don't you post fall photos or accidents? 

At Karie Elizebeth Photography we believe in not posting these photo's as they are not ethical, can be very embarrassing also resulting in injury sometimes. If you have tough round we try to get as many photos as we can but we do not post photo's that are not flattering. We understand some photographers do but it is against what we believe in! 

What is the difference between Social Media/Small Print, Hi-Res and Promotional Images?

Social Media and Small Prints are for Facebook/Instagram and small prints 4by6 and 5by7s. 
Hi-Res are for your bigger prints 8by10, 11by14, 16by20 and websites. 
Promotional Images are images that are to be used in ads and are the highest res possible. 

Why has be digital order or a contact reply come back yet?

If you have not gotten your order or have not gotten a reply most common reason is that it went into your junk mail! Please check that first and then add us to your safe list! This is very common! We also have where emails are too big to send to your inbox so make sure there is room so you can get all your emails! 

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