Our Team


Our Secondary Photographers and Event Staff that work with Karie!

Shelley Victoria Paterson

Shelley is a pet photographer located in York Region, Ontario. Specializing in portraits and sports events, she has a passion for animals. Shelley has shared her life with many animals over the years, including rats, rabbits, toads, and more! Dogs are currently a huge part of her life. Shelley trains and competes in dog sports, enjoying a variety of activities including agility, disc, and dock diving. Shelley aims to bring her own unique style and vision in her approach to photographing pets, and looks forward to capturing memories that will be cherished for many years to come.

Jeffrey Rice

Jeffrey is Karie's husband you will often see him at event's will Karie's second camera he comes to help her take candids. He started to get interested when he started taking photo's of Dratini playing agility when Karie runs her! He loves to come and help out and have fun taking candids! We are happy to have him join is on the team and have fun taking photos! He also helps run the booth at major events and Karie is so happy to have him behind the scenes helping anyway he can! Karie is very thankful to have Jeff part of the team we couldn't do it with out him.

Mikayla Reis


Claire Sutherland 


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